How can I submit photos from home?


While we include only high resolution images in the final book, we are accepting lower resolution photos at this time. This can include images taken with a cell phone camera or a mobile scanning app. We will make selections for inclusion after the submission deadline and then reach out to gather high resolution images before final publication.

Below is a quick guide for how to send your photos to Pediment. However, the easiest approach may be to skip this technical how-to and have someone who’s experienced with computers, scanners, and image resolution do it for you.

Send Photos from Phone Camera: 

When you take a photo with your phone, it is typically saved in the phone’s “photo gallery”. Once saved in the gallery, you can submit the image to Pediment right from your phone, if you feel comfortable using the internet on your mobile device. You will still need to fill out all required caption fields before submitting the photo. 

Send Photos on a Computer:

If you find it easier to type on a computer keyboard, you can send the image to your computer and submit from there. The easiest ways to move a photo from the phone to the computer are:

  • Send an email to your own email address with the photo as an attachment. You can then open the email on your computer and save it to your computer.
  • Send images to Google Drive and save into a folder there. When you submit your photos on you can easily find and pull them from your Google Drive.

When saving your image to the computer, take note of:

  • File type: TIF and JPEG (or JPG) are the easiest formats to work with, so stick to either of those.
  • Save to: When your software asks you where you’d like to save the image file, pick anywhere you like that you’ll remember. *Make note of where you’re saving it so that you can find them when you want to submit your images!

Send Photo By Mail:

You also have the option for photo submission by mail. You are responsible for postage to Pediment, and we will take care of getting them back to you! Please allow 6-8 weeks for scanning and return delivery.

Send photos to:

                                   Pediment Publishing
                                   2210 W. Main Street
                                   Ste 107 PMB 238
                                   Battle Ground, WA 98604 


Important! If sending photos by mail, please include a letter with your photos that details the following information:

  • Your full name, address, phone number, and email address (if applicable) in case we have questions or need to contact you. We will also use this information to return the photos to you.  
  • For each photo: 
    1. Who is shown in the photo? Be specific and use full names. 
    2. When was the photo taken? Full dates are best, but provide as much information as you can. 
    3. Where was the photo taken? Include as much detail as possible. 
    4. How should the photos be credited in print (individual or family name or organization name)?
  • It is recommended to ship using a trackable method (ex. USPS Priority, UPS) to ensure that your photos make their way to our office.

Still have questions? Contact us!